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Shri Shyam Marble & Sanitary ware
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Shri Shyam Marble And Sanitary ware aims at providing, through its member manufacturing companies, high quality ceramic tiles and sanitaryware to consumers at reasonable prices.We specialized in the manufacture and exported of glass mosaic tiles ,ceramic tiles ,porcelain tiles ,glazed tiles ,polished tiles ,sanitary wares,including one and two piece toilet,wash basin,cabinet basin,pedestal basin,bidet,above counter basin,under counter basin,decorated ceramics and so on. The service and quality responsibility is only taken by companies who manufacture well-known branded products. You, as an aware and esteemed customer, are urged to buy only branded products that give you this assurance. Remember, Brand is a sign of quality assurance.

Objectives of Shri Shyam Marble

  • Providing high quality ceramic tiles and sanitaryware to consumers at Reasonable prices.
  • Provide best branded products that give you assurance.

At a Glance

Above Series is available with NANO Technolgy or in ordinary P...


Preparing your bathroom for maximum comfort

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